Costs & Costumes for new competitors

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In this article we tackle COSTS & COSTUMES that you'll need to consider if you are dancing Country ProAm for the first time!

How to register for a competition:

  • Each competition will have a registration sheet or online registration.
  • You will be responsible to register yourself for each competition.
  • Your teacher will help you fill out the registration.
  • You will also need an associate membership from the country dance organization

Costs for competition:

Competition fees

  • Avg cost for a weekend pass is $85 (paid the the competition)
  • Avg cost per dance entry is $20 Example 7 dances x7 dances = $140 (paid to the competition)
  • ProAm fee - $200 (paid to your pro)

ProAm fee breakdown (

This is a professional fee paid to your teacher to cover travel costs, hotel and dancing. There is a range of pricing as you can see below

  • Teachers sometimes charge a per dance fee. $15-50 per dance is typical
  • Others have a flat rate of $100-$500 that will cover all of your entries and sometimes their travel & lodging
  • Travel & Lodging expenses. This fee will cover your pro's expenses of being at the competition with you. Sometimes this cost is included in the earlier fees, sometimes not.
  • Check with your local pro to find out their exact pricing.

   Travel costs to consider

  • Hotel - Most hotels are around $109-129/night range.
  • Often times students will share rooms to keep costs down.
  • Travel  - Most events are a 2-7hr drive. Students often carpool to save money and have fun together. Sometimes flights are required which adds to the cost.
  • Food  - Hotels have restaurants but with the schedule of the events it's a good idea to bring snacks, food and water make your weekend more comfortable and to keep costs down

Costuming Requirements

Newcomer dancers


  • Most wear black pants and a nice shirt any color. You could also wear a vest.
  • Cowboy hat is not required until you dance at Worlds but you will see people wearing  them during the year.
  • Dance boots are not required until you dance at Worlds but you will see people wearing them during the year.


  • Non sparkly dresses
  • Waltz needs to be ankle length, everything else can be mid thigh to mid calf length.
  • You may wear sparkly jewelry but none on the costume.
  • Dance boots are not required until you dance at Worlds but you will see people wearing them during the year.
Novice dancers and  above:


  • Same as newcomer but can have sparkles on it.
  • Must have a cowboy hat for every competition.
  • Must wear dance  boots for every competition


  • Dresses are same lengths but you can now have SPARKLES on them 😉
  • Must wear dance  boots for every competition

Costume Resources

Country Dance Boots

There are 3 main companies offer dance boots for country dance competition.

Costuming Websites

For basic entry level costumes for guys and gals theses websites will help get you started.

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