10 things you can do in COUTRY that you can’t do in BALLROOM

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1. You can Two-Step

Two Step is the quintessential country dance. It fast moving with spins, weaves and cool patterns. It's really fun and you'll get the opportunity to two step all weekend long at a country event. Not only in competition but during social dance breaks and evening social dances. You're gonna love it!

( Plus.. you can't two step in ballroom 😉

2. You can Social Dancing (a lot)

Unlike at ballroom events, there are plenty of opportunities, day or night, for social dancing. And unlike West Coast Swing conventions, you get to dance and practice a bunch of different dances, not just one. Social dancing gives non-competitors and competitors alike the opportunity to dance with friends and strangers from all over the world. It is an amazing feeling to practice lead and follow to great music!

3. You can take workshops

Ok we know that ballroom has some nice workshop with some really good professionals but... at country events there are LOTS of workshops for every level. From beginner to advanced from 2-step & west coast swing to waltz, nightclub and even linedance... you'll find tons of workshops at country events.

4. You can bring your family

Country dance events are VERY family oriented. Kids, moms, dads and even grandparents can be found competing and social dancing together at events.

5. You can dance ProAm... as a Professional

Country dancing has a division called ProPro. It's a place where professionals can sharpen their skills by dancing in a 'ProAm' environment where they dance with another professional. The 'learning' pro is judged against other 'learning' pros. Sometimes professionals who don't have partners will pay to dance and keep their skills sharp with other professionals. It's a unique division that only country dancing has.

6. You can save money

Country events are a MUCH better value than ballroom events. The weekend passes, competition fees and even ProAm fees are all cheaper that ballroom events. That means on average competitors will be able to dance and extra 1-2 events per year on the same budget.

7. You can make friends quickly

Ballroom events get a bad rap for not being friendly. The people in ballroom are VERY friendly but with competitions that have limited social interaction... it takes a few weekends to make friends. At country events with amply social dance breaks, lots of evening social dancing plus an overall welcoming environment.... you're likely to make some awesome friends at your first event!

8. You can become a world champion

You can compete in three qualifying events and then enter the end-of-year grand national country event called WORLDS. At WORLDS you have the rare opportunity to win a World Championship title! You can also win event paraphernalia that commemorate your title, like jackets and belt buckles. In addition, this comp is typically held in delightful locations, like Disney World or Opryland!

9. You can get to know the country pros

The pros not only want to showcase their dance skills, but also their personalities. They are fully engaged with event goers, enjoying the fun and laughter throughout the the weekend. There is no divide between pros and ams at country events!

10. You can dispel a myth

Country dancing sometimes gets a bad wrap from ballroom peeps. Perhaps its the hats and boots or country music. Sure we know its goofy, I mean the ballroom and country worlds both have grown men wearing spandex 😉 However country dancing and its events are super friendly and super fun. Keep an open mind and we promise you'll have a new found love of country dancing!

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